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Word originally used during the crusades by the European Crusaders meaning:
Consent (of the)
Meaning they were permitted by their respective kings to bang during their travels to the holy land
Sir Dave: "Dude I railed that hot Arab chick in the bathroom last night, I'm cool though right?"
Sir Rick: "Yeah dude remember, FUCK"
by Jihad_Unit December 07, 2009
When you take a 2-liter of diet coke, unscrew the cap, drop in a few mentos and close it. You then take the bottle and
1) Leave it somwhere on the ground to explode like a volcano
2) Throw it hard at the ground to make it explode and propell it in a certain direction
3) (This is a dick move) lube up the top of the cap, approach someone from the rear,(willing or not, they could have lost a super bowl bet, came last place in the bracket group, lost a game of rock paper scissors or is just a bitch) shove it up their ass and retreat to a safe distance to watch.(WARNING, that shit is dangerous)
Jack: What are you guys doing?
Steve: This dumbshit thought the Patriots were gonna win the super bowl, now we get to give em' the diet coke and mentos bottle up the ass,
Jack: HA HA HA! Can I watch?
Steve: Of course
by Jihad_Unit April 06, 2008
A girl who is too pussy to take a huge dick and only settles for chodes
Jenny: Is she gonna have sex with Jamal?
Martha: Nah, she's too much of a chode monger
by Jihad_Unit April 06, 2008

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