A dish best served NOT cold. Scholars have often labeled "the most delicious food that man has endeavoured". Is often served at the Sheridan household.
Austin: "I feel like pancakes."

Cody: "More like chocolate chip pancakes."

Austin: "Let's go to Kyle's house."
by Cody "Hot" Dill November 11, 2007
Top Definition
sexy time; business time. The act of sexual intercourse without saying the work sex.
"what are you in the mood for?

- Some chocolate chip pancakes!"

"I hope the chef makes me a good batch this morning."

"man some chocolate chip pancakes sound great right now"
by chocochip February 15, 2012
Hands down the best thing to eat when your stoned. It cures the pasties and tastes better then sex.
Dude... after this joint lets go back to your house and eat chocolate chip pancakes.... then smoke another joint.
by Thatguybutnothim October 18, 2009
Common practice in the Midwest, the Chocolate Chip Pancake requires a man to shit on a pillow then does the female from behind while he shoves her face into the shit. Used in combination with a few other moves, one can accomplish a Breakfast Buffet; once thought to be an unattainable dream, but the popularization of the Chocolate Chip Pancake is making the Breakfast Buffet somewhat a more realistic but still epic move.
Bitch was so hot for ween that I made a deal with her; she only gets it if we bake a fresh Chocolate Chip Pancake.
by AMc799 October 10, 2008
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