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Using a cheap beer, preferably a Miller product or Old Style (if you have no respect for the woman feel free to use Milwaukee's Best), is the best way to give a woman an authentic Milwaukee Power Wash.

During sexual intercourse grab a bottle or can of beer and shake vigorously while bringing your woman toward climax. As she's close to orgasm pop the beer open and aim the stream at her clitoris. This will enhance her experience and potentially bring a would-be one night stand back for more.

Contrary to the name of the move, it originated in the Chicago-land area, and the beer of choice was commonly Old Style which is brewed in Milwaukee.
Lyle: I took this chick home last night and gave her a Milwaukee Power Wash.

Bob-ay: How'd that go?

Lyle: Really well! I executed it perfectly and she's been calling me her God.
by AMc799 October 04, 2010
An incriminating text message and/or email that can prove you were cheating on your significant other.
Bob-ay:She left some slut-tracks to tell me where she'd been

Andy: No! She didn't delete the texts she sent? Dude I'm sorry to hear it.
by AMc799 September 18, 2010
Common practice in the Midwest, the Chocolate Chip Pancake requires a man to shit on a pillow then does the female from behind while he shoves her face into the shit. Used in combination with a few other moves, one can accomplish a Breakfast Buffet; once thought to be an unattainable dream, but the popularization of the Chocolate Chip Pancake is making the Breakfast Buffet somewhat a more realistic but still epic move.
Bitch was so hot for ween that I made a deal with her; she only gets it if we bake a fresh Chocolate Chip Pancake.
by AMc799 October 10, 2008
Car-bro-loading is the act of cultivating mass the night before a big workout by going out with your bros and loading up on carbs via high life beers, pizza, and Chinese food. Commonly practiced in the Mid-west.
Bob-Ay: Yeah, Friday me and my roommates are going out for 50 cent beers and we are gonna go car-bro-loading.

Uncle Andy: Car-bro-load?

Bob-Ay: Yeah, get our carb on then Saturday we are gonna tear up the gym.
by AMc799 December 15, 2011
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