Woman born in the mid-eighties, known for her laugh out loud comedy and silly antics. Leads an uneventful life full of her own hilarity. See The Hilarious
Choco, you are so fucking hilarious!
by The Hilarious October 16, 2006
Top Definition
An Australian military slang term for a reservist soldier

slightly derogatory
Military man: hey here comes a bunch of Chocos
civilian: whats a Choco?
Military man: a Chocolate soldier, he will melt in the heat of battle
by Fazza October 14, 2005
1. chocolate colored.
Look at that choco cat
by Samsam July 16, 2003
short for chocolate
or abreviation
Girl: gimme some choco
Guy:*0.o* Choco?
girl: Chocolate!
by Mack H May 03, 2007
A person from a ethnic decent, mainly short but very tough. very similair to a lebo
Wow that guys got the choco toughness!!
by chocstar June 02, 2005
n.- hash; term used by the Iranian drug dealers on the streets of Tokyo.

Derived from the Japanese foreign word dialect "choh-koh", meaning chocolate.
"You, I give you good choco, very good choco.."
by Andy Mack April 16, 2005
To motor boat one's butt crack; Moving one's lips and nose back and for vigorlous in partners butt crack.
Damn girl, you better choco the shit out of me when we get home.

Girl, don't just look at it, choco that shit!
by Sarah Austin March 26, 2008
A taned wog. usually living in australia. they always play soccer.
ok chocos vs skips in soccer
by wog 1993 November 03, 2006

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