A chobe is a person who is very sure of themselves. They are usally not very easy to the eye, and often might have a slight odor. They do not sware much, and keep to themselves. They often wear tacky clothes, including the ever-so unattractive sandles and socks. They have nasty hair cuts, and are preverted
The guy I saw at Walgreens was such a chobe.
by Amanda Playwith December 20, 2004
Top Definition
A cock wider than it is long
Barry has a chobe
by bates June 27, 2003
meaning Short stumpy dick
see ur mums!
by Anonymous February 17, 2003
Weighty well formed voluptuous breasts
Man she has some miraculous chobes!
by Chet Bang November 15, 2010
when a bitch go down on a dude wit a chode. bitches is usually nasty when they do this shit.
mofucka 1: ey man i saw dis honkey bitch give a chobes to dis nigger ass nigga.
mofucka 2: word.
by terrytheterrorist August 12, 2006
A dog act or gesture , to rip somone off or be stingy with weed
are you chucking in for this mix or are you chobesin it ?
by Lord Downs June 01, 2011
A weighty well shaped set of voluptous breasts.
Man, Sofia Vergara has a fine set of chobes on her.
by ChetBang November 14, 2010
1. term for anchovies, usually referring to pizza
2. can refer to a person as an insult
-Example One:

waiter: "Whadya want!?"
disgruntled customer: "I think I'll have a large pizza."
waiter: "One... large... cheese."
disgruntled customer: "Might I get some chobes on that as well?"
waiter: "Huh?"

-Example Two:

Jeffry: "Hey Guys! I just caught Raichu!"
schoolyard bully: *punches Jeffry in the face then spits on him* "Chobes!" *schoolyard bully dipsets*
by Jesus Christ Fisher January 21, 2008

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