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Can mean two things: to be eating/biting on something or to be slacking
1. I see you chippin on those chips.
2. You didn't do your homework? You're chippin.
by Beck/Er November 21, 2011
eatin pills or; Its all that life is
person 1- I'm all chippin right now
person 2- yeah those pills were good
by lovelife6431 March 06, 2009
A descriptive term consisting of a variety of inappropriate behaviors typically done by males in public situations. Most commonly playing with ones genital area and tugging on ones penis in public situations. Also includes excessive nose picking and booger eating. Constant adjusting of the genital area with the hands with no regard for modesty.
"My roommate Jake came in the apartment the other night and starting chippin' on the couch when I was trying to watch a DVD on the HDTV."
by jake pliscin May 02, 2007
To giggle uncontrollably regardless of Situation, Location, Appropriateness or Audience.
I started Chippin when johnny told me his Mother died choking on a cucumber
by ANonymous6464 December 11, 2013
for something (place or thing) to be really nice and worth looking at or going to
PERSON 1:Yo, that party was chippin!
PERSON 2:Yeah, I had too much fun
by ashlyn<3 July 10, 2008
Ruthless actions symbolising one's complete and utter incompetence at a task and furthermore the low level of one's intelligence - in otherwords acting like a total tool!
My girlfriend was pissing me off last night so i told her "You is chippin' "
by Colin Maxwell May 07, 2007
to go sum wher else or 2 leave
l8rz man im chippin
ryt den guys we chippin?
by vix April 22, 2004

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