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To receive sexual favors from a girl after buying her chipotle
Guy 1: Hey, I heard you got head from Amanda after you two got chipotle last night
Guy 2: Yeah man, I got chipotlaid.
by Capo di tutti capi December 01, 2013
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The ridiculously satisfying sensation one gets after finishing a meal at Chipotle.
That burrito bowl was so amazing. I feel totally "Chipotlaid"!
by TheDigitalGypsy October 17, 2011
Having sexual intercourse with a mexican woman/man
Tim: Did you get lucky with Guadalupe last night?
Kevin: Hell yea, I got straight up Chipotlaid
by Big Moke January 22, 2011
Occurs when lusting after, and consequently ordering and eating, a Chipotle burrito
Guy #1 - "Guy, it has been too long since I've had a burrito."
Guy #2 - "How long has it been, guy?"
Guy #1 - "Last time was right before Becky broke up with me."
Guy #2 - "Guy, that was six months ago! I'm going to make sure you get Chipotlaid TONIGHT. I'll hook you up."
*walk into Chipotle*
by Highschoolwasbestinthe80's June 17, 2015
During anal sex, getting shit on your dick because your receiver ate at Chipotle before.
I got Chipotlaid by Tye last night...
by wordsfromvicki June 05, 2015

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