If you're referring to the fast food you bought at your local restaurant, Most of that is actually American food. Including the fortune cookie. If you don't believe me, check your history books.
I bought Chinese food from the Golden Panda restaurant by the mall.
by AYB February 19, 2003
eats from china
that chinese food sure does look good.
by JumboJimboFat March 21, 2003
makes you smart
persons 1: why are u so smart
persons 2: i had chinese food for lunch
by smartest person alive August 28, 2008
slang term for 'that good kush.' An alternative way to elaborate on your marijuana habits in public. A term used to avoid all confrontation and to be totally clean. No one will know whats good.
"yo dawg, we gonna get Chinese food before we go to this talent show, i aint tryna see it sober."

"bro, is your guy good for Chinese friday night? If not, lets order some quick"
by master wok March 04, 2014
Chinese Food is commonly refered to as an American ethnic dish. It offers a variety of woked up rice, meats, fish, and vegitables with assorted spices and sauces. Although most of the dishes aren't actually simular to real life chinese dishes in china, it still brings a traditional ethnic, delicious, refreshing feel.
Example 1:

American Kid: Mom! I am so hungry! Are you going to make dinner?

Mom: I am sorry but i am going out, i will leave you some money, would you like chinese food?

American Kid: YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Example 2:

John: I want something different to eat, im hungry and im so sick of pizza and mcdonalds.


by stuckonmyelevator April 03, 2008
(1) ...And God said on the fourth day, let there be breaded deep fried balls of chicken, and there were....and they were good.
(2) if it ain't breaded and deep fried, then it ain't chinese food
(3) Getting some chinese poontang
"I could go for some chinese food. I'll have a 4, 45, and a 84 please"

"Where's all the chicken in these addictive greasy balls?"

"Damn that girl looks good, i needs to get me some of that chinese food!"
by Reggie Regg November 22, 2003
food made from the hands of God who gave to asian people to serve to the world
Thank god for chinese food, sushi, wasabi(Chinese Food)
by Steveholo123 March 22, 2014

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