An all around friendly/stubborn/intelligent type of person who Does not discriminate against any type of race/sexual pref/gender. Seldom lets another influence his opinion on anything be it a person or pop culture.
Very inadvertently impulsive and means absolutely no harm.
"Yo chinedu is cool, but he be drawlin sometimes"
"I think Chinedu is an Amazing friend who will ALWAYS be around"
"Chinedu is a STRAIGHT DICKHEAD...but he cool sometimes"
"Wtf is a CHINEDU??"
by TheAllusionist May 24, 2009
Usually a guy who is chill.Although, In rare cases can be a girl ,who is not the most beautiful but really pretty and charming, has an awesome smile plus a sense of humor and is quite smart. She's got some ass. A wonderful friend, someone to hang out with and great at sport.
Chinedu please pass me the salt.
by DefinerLO May 23, 2014

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