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(v) {pres. part.}: The insertion of a prolapsed uterus into a vagina or anus during sexual intercourse, usually in place of a penis.
At first the sight of the saggy uterus was sickening, but when she stated chimney sweeping the guy, I couldn't help but feel strangely aroused, if not dead inside.
by Mr__P March 12, 2010
the act of inserting a wang it to a snach that has been dormant for many...many of years!
Bon qui qui could use a good chimney sweeping, her hubby has been limp since 76'!
by Roofrabbit May 26, 2010
To engage in sexual intercourse by which the penis is inserted into the stoma: a small hole in the neck created surgically to allow hardened smokers to breathe.
He had to wipe the tar off his penis after chimney sweeping that old hag.
by JB623789422 April 04, 2010
When you go balls deep into a woman's throat and she gags.
Dude I totally was chimney sweeping Michelle the other day.
by Udivitel May 13, 2016
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