Take a man's penis and dip it into a Milkshake or a glass of ice water before giving him head!!!
(Keep in mind the Milkshake is more fun and adds flavor as well)
hmmm Baby it's hot let me cool you and me off by giving you a "chilly Willy"
by Paula aka Mouse August 21, 2005
slang for small cock
Based on how cold shrinks the penis
Guy strips; girl takes one look and says, "I'm outta here, I didn't eat a roofy just to get it on with some chilly willy!
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada June 19, 2009
either dipping your penis in a cold glass of water or putting it in a snow bank, then sticking it in someone's ear
"My roomate wouldn't stop snoring, so i gave him a chilly willy"
by Travis Gerving April 02, 2008
To stick your hand in a bowl of ice then masturbate.
When it's too hot out, phut often gives himself a chilly willy.
by Dan Steinke January 22, 2005
A drink with its origins in two New Orleans-area bars, namely Spiders/Cherrie's and Jabba Jaws.

Ingredients: Smirnoff Ice, Blue Curacao, Pucker (any flavor), Everclear.

Instructions: Fill a beer mug up halfway with Smirnoff Ice. Throw in a splash of Curacao for coloring. Fill a shotglass almost to the brim with your choice of Pucker. Top that off with Everclear. Light the Everclear, drop the shotglass into the mug, and chug. Tastes just like Sprite.

For multiple Chilly Willies, line the glasses up side-by-side and balance the shotglasses on the rims of the mugs. Use one shotglass to knock the rest in with a domino-like effect. The record for most Chilly Willies done at once stands at 14.
Dude, let's do Chilly Willies. Chicks love 'em, they get you drunk, and they taste just like Sprite.
by Mike January 06, 2005
Shrinkage of the male member due to cold temperatures
Girl, pointing and laughing...

Man, defensively:

It's so cold in here, I've got a chilly willy.
by politicalsanity August 13, 2008
To have a bud-burnin-buddie, stick the blunt backwards in his mouth, and blow out. When the smoke comes out of the blunt you sniff it up.
"will somebody give me a chilly willy?"
(WARNING: chilly willies are not for ametuer bud smokers. try at own risk)
by Jake S. March 21, 2005

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