Something that is (in a way) good or better than another.
That new shirt is so chill.
You got a chill new ride.
by jordan robert December 14, 2003
another word for "cool" "rad" "nifty"
That was so chill.
by DaMoN December 23, 2002
laying in the hammock in the setting sun with a breeeeeze was so chill.
by myfaceitches September 02, 2009
Used to describe something cool/awesome,not like cold.
Man that movie was hella chill.
by zanzan April 03, 2009
Adj. calm, used by those who aim to be disrespected by all others and/or wish to sound like Jason Mraz.
As in: Be more chill,dude.
by Jashhagl February 16, 2009
a good place to smoke weed.
you're microbus is a hella chill spot
by ElegantWaste March 09, 2006
1.someone (a parent) who doesn't freak out or give a crap what you do with your friends
2.something really awesome hang out
Dude his parents are so chill!
That girl is so chill.
Wanna chill later?
by Carmen Elise August 11, 2005

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