A racial term for a person of Latin or Mexican origin that has pissed you off.
Do you know I had to wait in line for a whole hour to get my WIC check because of those damn chile chokers ? !!!
by Bellos July 19, 2006
Top Definition
Underwear such as boxer briefs or Mighty Tighty Whities be 'em Hanes or BVD's or any other underwear that restricts much needed air flow. No man should be crowding his unit like this, it will make it claustrophobic.
Brent was smuggling a fruit basket the size of a tic tac and two bb's in his chile chokers!

Alex needs to relax or he is going to bacon strip the back of his chile chokers.
by Keep it Free August 28, 2009
A term for a hispanic or person of hispanic heritage. Similar to wetback.
Your such a chile choker.
by Meggx December 03, 2005
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