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3 definitions by Bellos

A newport cigarette. Blacks smoke that brand a lot in the hood around check day. When the ends get low, they smoke cools first, Liggets or Broncos, and after that just ask to borrow cigarettes and then complain while they are still puffing on them because they can't afford to smoke what they really want.
Hey dude, let me bum a niggarette off you. I am tired of smoking these nasty ass Marlbros !
by Bellos July 19, 2006
A racial term for a person of Latin or Mexican origin that has pissed you off.
Do you know I had to wait in line for a whole hour to get my WIC check because of those damn chile chokers ? !!!
by Bellos July 19, 2006
If you are from an urban part of Colorado and was a teenager in the 90's it means you got your dick sucked.

Cuzz be givin' up the bomb ass snoozies !
by Bellos July 19, 2006