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the lazy persons way of saying 'chicken'.. especially at KFC
"Hey, you want some chiggin?"
by Lucas R. April 04, 2007
A Chiggins is someone who enjoys spending most of the hours of their week ice skating. They normally go to all-girls schools, like to make funny videos, or just get a kick out of embarrassing their friends...mainly one kid...but they enjoy every aspect of life and are never depressed.

"That Cait seemed like such a Chiggins as she skipped to her car after school"
by Kmaster1991 October 15, 2007
a red neck legend at the digg....doup doup
Is that a fact
well that whats up
by jhoodroad March 19, 2008
Chiggin can be used in various ways, such as:

1. As an insult for someone who is acting annoying just for the sake of being annoying, also implying that the recepient of the insult is homosexual or the act they are doing is homosexual.
2. To describe the particular act of being annoying or useless.
Quit chiggin <Person's Name>.
<Person's Name> is chiggin around.

by CPUKiller October 30, 2006
The spot between your scrotum and your asshole.
The boy tried to take his underwear off, but his chiggins was much too sweaty.
by Gina Chiggins April 21, 2006
can be used in the same way as cool, or whatever
"DUDE THAT WAS CHIGGIN!" ior someones telling you a story and your not really listening you can just "ya chiggin"
by Vix December 10, 2003

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