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3 definitions by Vix

to go sum wher else or 2 leave
l8rz man im chippin
ryt den guys we chippin?
by vix April 22, 2004
32 38
can be used in the same way as cool, or whatever
"DUDE THAT WAS CHIGGIN!" ior someones telling you a story and your not really listening you can just "ya chiggin"
by Vix December 10, 2003
4 16
A cat, typically of the feline sort, with cat-like features. Often known to meow, incapable of howling or any other wolf noise. (IE: barking, whining, barking, howling, woofing, howling, etc.)
Will Heris does not want Ciela to have a pet wofl.
by Vix January 10, 2004
8 22