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12 Miles From Camden in Arkansas about 400 people live there there is a lake called Bragg Lake and another one called white oak lake im reppin C-Town since no 1 else did
Bookesha:I live in Chidester ever herd of it Shaniqua: Hell naw
by Playa-P June 06, 2005
Used to describe a person who constantly says 'I'm sorry' or apologizes at the weirdest times.
Obsessed with the color silver for some odd reason...
That girl is such a Chidester, but that's alright...kinda.
by chickitio March 29, 2009
A drunk party act involving cigar smoke and half a cup of beer. One fills a solo cup half way with beer then takes a large drag of cigar and lets the smoke exit the mouth into the cup. Then one inhales the smoke out of the cup and preceedes to chug the beer immediately after inhaling. After the beer is chugged exhale the smoke.
"Dude that kid is gonna be buzzin! He just did a Chidester!"
by vin number February 05, 2010
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