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(verb) The act of throwing hatched chickens at someones house.
ex 1.
"Hey dude, you hear about Jeff?"

"Yeah I heard he got chicked pretty badly, it took him two hours to clean it up."

ex 2.

"Man there's nothing to do in this damn town."

"Duuuude, lets smoke some weed then go chicking!"
by Lil Z The Prince January 12, 2012
Chicking is the shortened form of "chew kicking." This is when chewing gum is released from the mouth and volleyed/kicked as far as possible before it touches the ground.
Bob: "ewww my chewing gum has lost its flavour."
Fred: "Chick it!"
Bob: *Chicks the gum*
Fred: "Dude, that was immense! Your Chicking is so good, you should try out for the Olympics. . ."
by Lee Price May 08, 2008

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