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Its tuna you dumb bitch!
I need some chicken of the sea for this tuna casserole.
by Pblicnemy October 23, 2003
456 61
US Navy term for a ballistic missile submarine, or a crewmember of same; the nature of their mission is to avoid detection by whatever means necessary. Their unofficial motto is "We hide with pride."
Bangore sub base in Washington is filled with Chicken of the Sea.
by Atomic Johnny March 30, 2005
135 28
1. A brand of canned tuna fish; infamously mistaken for actual chicken by singer Jessica Simpson on her MTV reality show, Newlyweds.
"Did you see the Chicken of the Sea episode of Newlyweds? I think it was scripted."
by EBM May 12, 2005
111 21
The one type of non-perishable food that Jessica Simpson refuses to understand.
Jessica Simpson(reffering to Chicken of the Sea): I'm confused; Is it chicken, or is it fish?
by MzKe March 16, 2009
31 9
Cowardly Captain Francesco Schettino, responsible for the 2012 Costa Concordia maritime disaster.

Disregarded years of maritime tradition when he "tripped" and fell into a lifeboat, leaving hundreds of passengers and crew behind to die.
"Captain Schettino is a selfish coward. You might even call him a chicken of the sea."
by Fannanon January 18, 2012
12 0
A naval game where opposing naval ships try to provoke one another with dangerous actions and maneuvers.
The Gulf of Tonkin incident was a game of chicken of the sea that was used to promote American intervention in Viet Nam.
by quesondriac May 08, 2013
1 0
It's the opposite of tuna of the dirt.
New, from the makers of chicken of the sea, it's tuna of the dirt, now in ragin' cajun flavor with toffee bits and a garlic pesto sauce. Now at Olive Garden.
by IThinkShe'sIlliterate April 29, 2004
37 44