Any person who is a proponent of a war while not enlisting and going off to fight in said war. A kind of hypocrite. Really, a chickenhawk is one who says: "it's okay for other mother's sons and children's fathers to go off and get shot, dismembered and incinerated, but me, I'm too much of a wilting daisy to go off and break a nail trying to load one of those gun thingies."
My campus is swarming with chickenhawks. They wave signs saying "support our troops," but ask them to sign their flabby asses up and go take the risks they demand others take, they run like sissy cowards and cheer for Bush while the Tigris runs red with the blood of braver men.
by Gramatikon October 01, 2005
Cowards who support wars (mostly unjust ones) while they themselves dodged the draft to avoid military service, they are a disgrace
chicken hawk is a coward, they are mostly bible thumping conservatives but there have been a few liberal one too
includes but does not limit to:
Rush Limbaugh
Mitt Romney
Dick Cheney
George W Bush
Bill Clinton
Newt Gingrich
Ted Nugent
by fedupwithallofit June 04, 2012
an older male who generally preys on younger, adolescent males. Chickenhawks will sometimes trade chunks of hours away, from their job, so they can seek the attention of young men, all while doing so with an adequate alibi. They are sometimes aircraft pilots so they can scour wide areas looking for new crops of innocent young men. Also, they frequently drive large SUV's in order to take potential mates to remote locations, to seek sexual favors.
William, the chickenhawk, frequently attends figure skating events, because he enjoys watching the young men gallivanting around in tights.
by Field Mouse 1 November 22, 2012

a child molester that scouts for young boys usually run aways to take advantage of sexually

a chicken hawk is usually a middel aged man who takes advantage of abused and neglected boys
by NLR718 July 09, 2006
A older man that seeks out younger people. Also, has sexual movements with this younger person. Likes to fondle, and foreplay with the younger male/female.
The older man is a chicken hawk, because he likes to fondle with younger people.
by Sly2001 December 16, 2014
a man that looks for females that use meth a.k.a. a chickenheads
lol that boy a chickenhawk, always looking for a chickenhead
by mills5150 May 30, 2013
Nickname given by the Austrailian navy to the A-4F Skyhawk.
by JonathanChance September 29, 2003
The act of pursuing a female currently in a commited relationship.
I don't like how that guy tries to chickenhawk you when I'm not around.
by DE's Finest May 17, 2010

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