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A moped, usualy around 50cc. or less. So low powered in fact that it is only good for chasing chickens
"As kids we couldn't afford real motorbikes, so we would ride around the back fields on Chicken Chasers."
by Major. P. Ness May 26, 2007
(n) a novice hero; an apprentice; one not worthy of praise or renown
"Oy, look at the chicken chaser, not much of a hero is he?"
by Matt November 01, 2004
The hero title you are given at the beginning of Fable. Chicken Chaser refers to one who chases villains or "chickens" as they are cowardly, to inflict justice upon them.
Chicken Chaser eh. does he chase chickens?
by Graham S March 18, 2007
Someone who chases after something they can't have, seeing as chickens are hard to catch.
The Hero of Fable

"Chicken Chaser? Does he chase chickens?"
by DoubleDaniel April 10, 2006
A person who is from or decended from people from a tribe or native village. Usually refers to minorities. Came from experiences of people that went to fight in places like Vietnam where there were small farms .
The racist guy called the Indian native a chicken chaser.
by KKKomando March 04, 2008
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