1. The lips of a chicken
2. Your girlfriends lips
3. The main ingredient in KFC
4. The face you make when you cum on the roof of a speeding bus while whap slapping a fuck ugly lady clown with big feet and a lifetime supply of cheese slices down her kaks!
5. Number 4 makes me cry
6. Love everyone - Including whappin' great clown ladies with cheesey knickers
8. Trapped in the internet
9. Send money
10. Liftoff!!
You're bitch of a girlfriend has the worst case of chicken lips I've ever seen , I would keep her away from the clown bus it's ruining her face!

Pass the chicken lips mum , I've a powerful hunger for chrunch!!
by Clownbus April 16, 2010
Top Definition
A term used for someone with very thin/no lips, seeing as chickens have no lips.
"Look at that pair of chickenlips right there."
"Lipstick is no use, I've got chickenlips."
by Maddy Littell April 07, 2008
The stupid 'pout' or lip pucker dumb girls make to appear "sexy" in photos

Any dumb camera whore who walks around pouting their lips to make their face appear thinner and lips bigger

also, see duckface or myspace whore
"Hey Chicken Lips! Come grind your boney ass up my crotch and rub your push-up bra on me, and I'll buy you a cheap drink!"

That myspace/facebook/interwebz emo skank is such a chicken lips!
by YourMomsWornOutFishTaco June 12, 2010
a.)You have had oral sex with a girl and have left over fluids on your mouth.(b.)To have humungous lips(c.)To have grease on your lips.
"man have you been licking pussy? You got da chicken lips."
"Man dat dude whooped yo ass cuz you got da chicken lips!"
"Popeye's chicken was good today I got da chicken lips!"
by J_Mo April 09, 2007
A phrase for calling somebody a slut or whore
Look at those "chicken lips"!
by Nathanael March 14, 2005
A way of saying someone sucks a lot of cock.
I hate britiny spears cause shes got such chicken lips.
by fizzlewinks January 18, 2006
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