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When a bro/group of bros go to the amazing burrito restaurant chipotle
"Hey bro wanna hit up chibrotle?"

"Yea bro there burritos are delicious!"
by j-comish November 01, 2011
1. A synonym for the popular Mexican restaurant chain, Chipotle, this term is often used when describing a visit to this burrito heaven in the context of a bro-date, a bro-sesh, a bro-out, a bro-hangout, a bro-pigout, or to simply enjoy a hefty brorito and in some cases an equally satisfying browl.

2. Popular destination for bro-chilling sessions, serving broritos, browls, nachos, and guacabrole
Yo. Chibrotle tonight. Hell Yeah, let's round up the guys and go.
by Grimace232 June 02, 2011
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