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Some sort of nigger food made from unknown ingredients. Comparable to mush or any other unhealthy junk.
Chicken and chiblets are over there, you must be lost, these are vegetables.
by ehou March 22, 2005
48 31
A small crumb of shit(not literally), or small particle of major annoyance.
Fragmented dog-turd, Ritz crackers, biscuits crumbs in underwear, small, off-duty, czechoslovakian traffic wardens etc...
by Rasputin the third July 21, 2005
31 16
a very small, cute creature in close relation to the pygmy fox.
awww, look at that chiblet! I just wanna eat her up!
by ClassicRockXXX February 07, 2010
4 0
little one
god, get the chiblets out of the room for a minute i need to talk to you about something.
by Asher September 30, 2003
4 9