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7 definitions by Asher

Fuck Buddy. A person who are having casual sex with on a regular basis, but are not involved in a romantic relationship with.
We aren't a couple, she's just my fb.
by Asher April 13, 2005
heaven, utopia, the promised land.
within a matter of months i will leave this place for SVA.
by asher June 30, 2003
wasteland, whop-ville, greaser city, dead zone, suburbia, boring mother fucking place, the most closed-minded ignorant location on the planet earth.
i refuse to live in eastchester any longer than i have to.
by asher June 30, 2003
A legendary dragon pokemon that is said to rome the skies and live on a pillar high in the sky.
When I am pokemon master, I will challenge Rayquaza.
by Asher December 22, 2003
SKA, SKA and more SKA, the greates music in the world... skanking is a high energy, sweat the night away, awsom dance!
We went to see Flip the Switch in consert and we totly skanked to the awsom ska beat!

"we were skankin at a club and I bumped in to you... ska baby" from FTS song Ska baby.
by Asher October 03, 2004
little one
god, get the chiblets out of the room for a minute i need to talk to you about something.
by Asher September 30, 2003
As said, a celebrity who has no talent but is famous anyway. For example, the royal family are a group of professional celebrities, as they don't actually have any particular reason for being famous other than having important ancestors!
Prince charles is a professional celebrity
The queen is a professional celebrity
by Asher February 16, 2007