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Synonym for swag. Can be used as a verb, noun, or adjective. Usually to clearify that you're winning.
Student 1: Dude how did you do on that test?
Student 2: I chezzed that shit so nasty. Perfect score.
Student 1: Dude you're so chezzy!
by BuzzMan007 April 07, 2011
Orginates from sydney: pronounced ch - eaz.

An extremely cool bulky and muscular person who is very popular and considered homosexual by most people
Man that guys such a chez
by christien June 30, 2011
gross or dirty material. could be anything.
If an old battery operated machine was inspected, and the batteries over time, had leaked and created a substance that was sticky and a mess, that would be chez.

"scrape all of that chez outta there man"
by The Dan mon September 21, 2008
Unattainable Woman: A girl who all members of The Brotherhood wanted to tuck into, knowing full well they wouldnt stand a hope in hell (2007)!
"Blimey look at that girl over there - Im going to crack on!" "Don't be silly mate, she's a bit of a chez"
by Curiousor August 30, 2007
The wild, unkept, hairy pussy
Isaac: Yeah i saw up her skirt and it was total chez... She should buy some underwear, and a lady bic!
by acfb12BC08 April 19, 2009
A large multitude of cheese.
The past tense of cheese.
You put lots of chez on that burger.Therefore it is a chezburger.
by okachobee July 10, 2008
A term that is short for the word Bitches.
"Those chez are crazy." or "I wanted to use the restroom but there were too many chez in line. See: Bitches
by supxrxfly August 12, 2009