adj. - a person, usually of male gender, who overly enjoys male genitalia.
"Did you see that cracker? He is so cheyne."
by Ragnor_Blaze November 25, 2009
Top Definition
A tall handsome, charming young athlete, usually well rounded in all sport categories. Enjoys excessive video gaming and driving. A Cheyne is generally the 'pretty child' in a family of more than one. High standards in women, only the best for a Cheyne, this will involve many levels of filtering through his women. Only the best will get some of that ass!
Damn, I almost scored with a 'Cheyne' level last night.
by Chrystal_39 February 14, 2010
(Chain) or (Chain-e)

A really pretty girl that is usually as dumb as a rock.

A reference to Dick Cheney daughters but spelled different.
"Mary Cheney looks very cheyne. To bad shes a lesbian."
by princypoo! September 23, 2009
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