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typically know as the trashy whore at your local high school. enjoys spending time with her lowlife friends shit talking, stealing everything she sets her eyes on, and getting wasted at nine in the morning cause she's just THAT badass. not appealing to the eye whatsoever (in better terms, you just might throw up with merely a glimpse) ratty red hair, pale skin, and covered in nasty freckles. looks like she would be sticky or you might catch something if you touch her. dresses like a piece of trash because she is one. you should at all counts avoid her, she will do nothing but get you in trouble and fuck with your life because hers already sucks so bad. becoming friends is a waste, give it a month and I promise you that you will hate her and ultimately regret your bad decision. she will amount to nothing in life. oh, and I should add that all girls be aware, SHE WILL FUCK YOUR BOYFRIEND. and infect him with diseases. be aware and be prepared.
is that a tucan or a cheetah over there? neither, that's just a cheyenne.
whore trash fuck up
by straightupgirl December 14, 2010
An annoying ugly bitch that looks like an oger who gets anything she wants because she is a spoiled little brat.
-Daddy can I have a new truck?
-Sure Cheyenne. Here's 30,000 dollars.
by savage69x February 28, 2011
1. a person with red hair, and freckles.
2. a nasty person
3. attention whore
4. trashy person
1. all these sun spots are making me look like a cheyenne
2. the only thing worse then not taking a shower, is being a cheyenne.
3. stop it, your being a cheyenne!
4. havent showered in weeks, always stealin everything..might as well call me a cheyenne.
by knm12345 November 27, 2010
1. a very pissed off bitch
2. primarily known as a dinosaur
3. pissed off because her arms are too short to masterbate
4. puts everyone else down because shes fat and knows that shes a piece of dooky
5. white trash whore/slut
6. has orgies with a cheeseburger and her mother
7. she will give you your "redwings"
my teacher turned into a cheyenne when I told him I didn't finish my homework packet.

"dude did you hear that screech?!"
"what the fuck was that?!"
"relax dude, its just cheyenne"
by Skirberderber October 25, 2010
Dirty Whore.
Mouthy little motherfucker.
Beaver teeth.
Cheyenne is a beaver teethed, lieing, mouthy little mother fucker.
by Kathy R. September 14, 2010
A very bad influence on everyone yet still has friends. From California but is the palest person ever. Wears all black and smears her eyes with lots of eyeliner. Changes everything about her self to please different people. Quite vicious and deceiving. Will probably be in jail for drugs when she's older. A total slut. Once you see the real side of her you'll regret ever talking to her.
Don't talk to her, she's a Cheyenne.
by cheyennehater June 09, 2010
A very odd,but very pretty blonde child. These people usually fall in love with gingers,or extreme black people.

Also see Snaggleclerk.
I seen a Cheyenne yesterday....Wow it was odd, I never seen one in person, I took a picture of her runnin up the sexual football field with what looked like a small child. It was .......disturbing but slightly impressive.
by look at me go! June 13, 2008