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Probably one of the coolest people you'll ever to be lucky to set your eyes on. She won't admit it, but she knows she beautiful. Brown hair brown eyes but she's blonde at heart. Crazy, loves to party, and don't piss her off because chances are she'll spit in your face. She has a face that might quite literally melt your heart and if you dissagree she'll pull it out stick it in the microwave and actually melt it.
"Dude See Cheyenne over there? Man I wish I could have a girl like that". "Me too! Careful though.. I heard she murdered her ex"
by Madmax June 27, 2013
To roll a joint with any drug at hand. (:
Oscar : Ey shawty , wanna roll a Cheyenne.? ;)
Rollando : Hell yeaa, nigga ! :D
by Barbie . <$ December 27, 2011
brown hair, brown eyes, skinny & lanky body, not a big booteey, can be nice, can be quite bitchy, can be kinda slutty at times, likes to smoke and drink, comes off as a tough bitch but she isn't, can be a good friend at times, can be a pretty bad girlfriend, doesn't really give a shit about anything, kinda greasy and dirty
yoh look
i thawt i saw a sweg
but it waz a Cheyenne
by yohlohswegmaster August 30, 2013
Probably the utmost fucked up bitch you can imagine. She's cruel, heartless, and terrible. Usually a loser/nerd.
Guy 1: oh shit dude here comes cheyenne
Guy 2: duck down and hope she doesnt look.
Cheyenne: hey fuckers, i just raped a newborn. You mad?
Guy 1: she's so fucked up!
by Mattydawgzzz February 13, 2014
The capital "city" of Wyoming. Its not really a city, more like a big town. The place is pretty much the biggest shit hole in the continental United States. The local residents dress like shit kicking cowboys or they wear Wyoming apparel because they are unimaginative boring mongaloids. Most of them are also inbred shit stains who think a good fuck is taking a trip out to the barn yard. There is no real entertainment to speak of. The best thing to do short of sticking a 12 gauge in your mouth and squeezing the trigger is drinking heavily. Drinking takes away some of the pain of living in this land fill. The local population is all white. If you see any minorities they are most likely military or they got lost driving through the black hole known as Wyoming.
I woke up this morning and took a steaming Cheyenne.
by pat790 September 02, 2010
a low life whore/slut/trick/pussy/shitface/skank/mouthy little bitch/beaver lookin hoe, that tries to screw up everybodys relationship. has a youngin, and has NO IDEA who the daddy is, but in her eyes shes no where near a whore. ha, wow bitch, get a life and wake the hell up and realize. i will shank your ass one day, you got it coming you fucking sperm dumpster bitch. the guys stay with her a week at the most, fuck her, then leave her. when they want some more, they get it. no wonder her ass got prego, right? smh.
What the fuck is that? Nobody knows, so we just call it Cheyenne.
by NowWhatBitch:) September 15, 2011
A freckle-faced red head.
BUTTERRRFACEEEE, scratch that.
'nuff said
Omg Kori, run away its a Cheyenne!
Gross, she didn't wash her hair, she must be a Cheyenne.
Hey let's go to a party, NO! I'm not a Cheyenne.
by roadkillfolyfe December 14, 2010