Chevy chevelles were made from 1964-1973 but the most famed years were 69 and 70. They were a sub-model of the malibu but much better. A 1970 chevelle ss with a 396 or 454cu in engine is an extremely fast car.
Chevelles are so expensive i bought mine for 40k!
by tim harrold March 03, 2006
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- A sweet car
- A sweet Band
I was blaring Chevelle in my Chevelle
by cords April 02, 2005
One of the best muscle cars ever produced in its time. Made by Chevrolet, this awesome automobile will dominate the strip or street, and will beat any pussy Ford or Rice Rocket (Import). When fused with a camaro, a "Chamaro" is born.
All other cars only see its faint tail lights fading down the strip.
by chevy guy August 13, 2003
an awsome muscle car made by chevrolet
Holy Shit! Dude did you see that? A mint 69 Chevelle SS, sweet!
by itsallbindun May 31, 2003
The best rock band in the world with two albums called "Point #1" and "Wonder What's Next" and are all brothers
I bought Chevelles new album Wonder What's Next. My favorite song is Send The Pain Below
by SeeThRed May 06, 2003
A rock band that is signed by a christian based recording company, although not a christain rock band themselves.

Consists of three brothers: Pete Loeffler(vocals/guitar), Joe Loeffler(bass), and Sam Loeffler(drums)

i personally, love this band
by just some girl March 25, 2005
a badass chevrolet produced from 1964 through 1977 dat will beat tha shit out of anythang else dat dares step up to tha starting line
"yo man. look at dat clean chevelle convertible"
by 64impala May 27, 2008
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