Top Definition
1. Cheap

2. Low quality
1. Don't be chincy, pay for your own beer!

2. This is a chincy bike, it's already falling apart!
by mikwat October 09, 2004
low quantity.

often used to describe the quantity of drugs.
what the fuck? this is a chincy dime.
this shit is chinced out.
by Nathan March 27, 2004
Something abnormal or outta place.
That guy has a chincy look on his face!
#weird #abnormal #odd #normal #queer
by Bigg Stee August 12, 2009
Any establishment owned by Indians.
Ex. Hotels, gas stations, convince stores, etc.

This hotel is chincy.
#cheap #dirty #retard #run down #understaffed
by My name is Timmy May 29, 2008
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