Guernsey Twatois meaning boring or sleep inducing person. Usually proceeded by the phrase "this will interest you..."
Also means to poo oneself whilst making the sex.
"Chesney" can also be used to describe someone that invents things that have already been invented for example the piano or the E chord on a guitar.
Chesney also referring to 90's popster Chesney Hawkes
"doing a Chesney" - to shit oneself for love
"Ah Chesney" - meaning something is not very interesting.
by Bree303 September 30, 2006
Top Definition
The nicest girl you will ever meet. Sweet,Smart,funny the perfect package. If you become friends with her don't let her will be the biggest mistake of your life.
Dude, that girl is so nice, she must be a Chesney
by woopwoop234 January 09, 2015
slang name for a guy with a huge wang.
"woow your chesney is massive"
by Damien Derroe July 19, 2006
An attractive person. Normally a male with skinny jeans, facial hair and a scruffy appearance.
Look at that chesney, he should be on the catwalk's in Milan. If he just grew a beard he would be an uber chesney but with those hooded eyes he is definitely a chesney.
by Hoband April 26, 2011
The 'one & only' drink you have if you're the designated driver
Do you want another drink? No thanks, I'm driving, this one's my Chesney
by barrelofmonkeys January 01, 2014
When you think you've found something dangerous, but it turns out to be harmless.
Jennifer found a chesney. She thought she found a stun gun, turns out it was just an asthma inhaler.
by soojeneris March 27, 2012
A chesney means vomiting violently, this is based on the artist Chesney Hawkes who is is very cheesy, to much cheese makes you vomit. Chesnied is another word for this
I am going to Chesney, Brad B Just Chesnied everywhere
by Rhys Hughes September 13, 2005
1. A slang name given to any form of crust or unwanted trimmings which are of a vile form.

2. Excess matter found in nocks and crannies.
Knob Cheese, Burnt Crust, Bogies, Ear Wax, Table Scrappings, Nail Dirt, Bum Crust, Belly Button Fluff, Smegma etc...
by Matt Bateman May 13, 2003
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