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When a virgin performs oral sex on a man.
Joan maintained her virginity by giving him a cherry slurpee.
by pwbinde January 25, 2012
The act of inserting a straw into a woman's vagina and sucking out all the fluids.
Dave: I was so horny last night that I decided to cherry slurpee my sister!

Joe: That's incest!
by Old Man Winter September 17, 2007
1) Vaginal sex with a bitch on her period and making her suck the blood off your cock after you have had your way with her.

2) Punch a ho in the mouth, preferably knocking out a couple of teeth, and make her blow you while she is bleeding from the mouth.
1) Hello slut. Let me take you out tonight for a cherry slurpee.
by Shad May 10, 2004