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Restaurant slang (kitchen). A request by a line cook to the expeditor (controller of the orders) about the total amount of orders for specific items.
Chef, I need an "all day" on filet mignons.
by Shad June 20, 2004
such as a glorified butt-pirate or a horny butt-pirate
Jeff Niedfelt is such an ASS VIKING!
by Shad December 13, 2003
An alternate successor to pwned.

An alternative to soccer mom'd
I think my asshole collapsed!!!

by shad June 25, 2004
A new rap name created by a young man named Mel from Detroit, MI. Shadow One refers to one God in a man's life. In his life, there are two men within him, good and evil, but the reality is that there is still only one Shadow. Shadow One TM is an upcoming rapper hoping to make it big in the music business. He's also on WKUF-LP FM 94.3 in Flint, MI. shadowone.wkuf.org
Shadow One is a new and upcoming rapper from Detroit.
by Shad January 31, 2005
Kitchen slang. To cook a certain menu item, mostly something that may take a while to cook. It means the order is going "down" or "order in"
"I need a drop on two well done sirloins"
by Shad June 20, 2004
Kitchen slang, means that an order should be put out to the customer.
Pick up ticket #57
by Shad June 20, 2004
1) Vaginal sex with a bitch on her period and making her suck the blood off your cock after you have had your way with her.

2) Punch a ho in the mouth, preferably knocking out a couple of teeth, and make her blow you while she is bleeding from the mouth.
1) Hello slut. Let me take you out tonight for a cherry slurpee.
by Shad May 10, 2004

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