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Cherri Bomb is an all-girl rock band whose members are between the ages of 14-16. The band consists of Julia Pierce (15, Guitar/Vocals), Miranda Miller (16, Guitar/Keyboard/Vocals), Rena Lovelis (14, Bass/Vocals), and Nia Lovelis (15, Drums/Vocals). Their style is influenced by the Foo Fighters, My Chemical Romance, Marilyn Manson, and many others. The band has played many major festivals and tours, including T In The Park, Bamboozle, and this year's Warped Tour. They are also going to be on tour with Lostprophets in August. Their song, Shake The Ground, was featured on the Avenger's soundtrack. They have one EP out, Stark, and a full-length album titled This Is The End of Control, both on iTunes.
Person 1: I love Cherri Bomb!

Person 2: Who are they?

Person 1: Just about the best band ever!!
by ElFunkyLlama:) August 03, 2012
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