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A welsh band consisting of 6 members, having released two full CDs on columbia records. Their first cd was called "The Fake Sound of Progress", their second "Start Something." They were relativaly unknown until their second cd, which clear channel sucked up like the goddamn cock suckers they are. Lostprophets have been compared to Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold, and Papa Roach. They play alterinatve rock, with a little hardcore. "startsomething" came out on febuary 3rd, 2004, and multiple songs from that cd were played on the radio, exploding their popularity levels. Since then, those to CDs remain the only released, however more are expected.
"Lostprophets are an excellent welsh band who play alternitive rock."
by asdf September 30, 2004
317 199
an awesome metal/alternative band.. awesome guitarist..
im going to buy the lostprophets CD.
by kayla scheerer January 26, 2005
273 184
lostprophets are the most amazin band in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lostprophets rock and you suck
by crazy biatch January 11, 2004
347 272
The best rock band in the world..... ever!
Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja = a truly excellent song
by lip May 18, 2004
246 181
the best ever band in the whole damn world. owns all and don't give a rats ass about people who diss them.
Their apathy's not affecting us
by deja May 03, 2004
222 166
there american right?

no, there welsh.


alright though, even though they pretend to be american
british media doesnt support british bands, so we pretend to be american. has anyone noticed lostprophets are welsh??
by lcfc August 25, 2006
110 93
welsh band who think they are american.
"wayles iz near america innit?"
by bananzoid deathgrip August 31, 2004
156 142