When a person snips off the top of a glow-in-the-dark chemicla stick and runs the contents up their rectum then sits on another persons chest and expels their bowels onto the said persons chest while screaming the Russian word for "no" (Nyet)
When performing a Chernobyl it is best to know more Russian and to use a green Chem stick. In theory it is even better to do this on a supermodels chest, but as yet this theory has not been proven.
by Nibbler Diver March 20, 2009
To beat up or attack while in an uncontrollable rage
"Back off man, or I will go Chernobyl on your ass!"
by bobknaptor May 17, 2005
when you fart but then to your horror, follow through
OMG as if i did just SHIT in the shower. CHERNOBYL! i thought it was merely a harmless keff
by brindle April 26, 2007
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