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To steal something such as a barbecue, to sleep with a woman or to do any unruly action. Generally used to describe actions by white, young adults with drug addictions and rich parents.
That guy cherked my barbecue.

Did you hear that Sally got cherked last night?
#boost #lift #five finger discount #white trash #drugs
by Steven Michael Paradis June 10, 2011
someone who writes a check for 2 freakin' little items at the store and holds up the line.
At the grocery store a cherk in front of me buys a pack of gum and a tv guide, and holds up the line writing a check because the process takes forever. I got 2 words for ya pal...Debit Card!
#check #jerk #slowpoke #fool #idiot #creep
by Annoyed with it all March 18, 2009
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