sweet, down to earth, dedicated
If you can't get along with Cherilyn then something must be wrong with you.
by Cherilyn REAL bffl April 17, 2012
Top Definition
Cherilyn is a very calm, layed back person that gets along with everyone.
Cherilyn is not a party girl.
by chee lee yong December 16, 2008
Cherilyn is something someone if referred to when they smother so much lotion or sunscreen on themselves they look like a ghost. Actually they pretty much disappear.
Girl 1: Oh hey so do you want some lotion? I used up most of the bottle but therte's still some left for you!

Girl 2: Who the hell is talking to me? Lol did you pull a Cherilyn?
by Cherilyn's BFFL July 05, 2011

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