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Cherilyn is a very calm, layed back person that gets along with everyone.
Cherilyn is not a party girl.
by chee lee yong December 16, 2008
sweet, down to earth, dedicated
If you can't get along with Cherilyn then something must be wrong with you.
by Cherilyn REAL bffl April 17, 2012
Cherilyn is something someone if referred to when they smother so much lotion or sunscreen on themselves they look like a ghost. Actually they pretty much disappear.
Girl 1: Oh hey so do you want some lotion? I used up most of the bottle but therte's still some left for you!

Girl 2: Who the hell is talking to me? Lol did you pull a Cherilyn?
by Cherilyn's BFFL July 05, 2011

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