Chelsey is the one girl that you dream about every night. She the most amazing girl you will ever meet. If u ever meet a chelsey, keep her with you forever. She is the perfect girl for anyone. Very beautiful, funny, talent, and has the best smile you will ever see. When your feeling down and you see her, ur mood changes. When she sad, your sad. When she happy, your happy. You will fall in love with this girl and better not ever let her go. She an Angel!
No ones is like Chelsey, no one in the world.
by ChillinDylan May 14, 2015
A soulless ginger who dosen't like to shower. Often referred to as "wookie" or "chewbaccian," she looks to take over the world with her kind. Don't let her looks trick you, she killed Prince Castian, (the king's only son) and blamed countless people for it. She's also a fork. Not yet a spork.. not yet.
Chelsey, do you remember when I killed a hundred evil mountain dwarves for you?
by the blue freak February 15, 2013
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