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Prayer Warrior. EXTREMELY dependable friend who would drive miles just to cheer up a friend. matter what anyone says...SHE is the blackest girl you will ever meet. She also has a lot of opinions.
OMG, Chelli, I need you to pray for me!
Chelli, you so gangsta.
A Chelli always says, "I have a lot of opinions."
by C-RIZ January 24, 2010
The act of fluffing a mans balls, similar to tossing an actual salad
My boyfriend began performing a chellis on my balls.
by kaleidoclops May 13, 2010
A fat stupid beast that was born from a lump of shit, and as a result of the earlier anal sex the cum and shit formed a "person" a very very stupid, annoying asshole that should die and rot in a festering pile shit.
God, Chelli is such a stupid bitch...
by Satan April 17, 2005
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