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A female who drinks excessively.
Person A: "Chelcie, would you like this alcoholic beverage?"
A Chelcie: "Could I have five?"
by nononoononononononononono November 18, 2008
A really sweet and kind girl who respects others. Usually doesn't realize how beautiful she is and gets self-conscious when you point it out. A Chelcie will usually be found taking the most challenging classes, as they have very high intelligence.
"omg did you see that Chelcie!?"

"yeah you should totally ask her out!"
by ikindalikethisgirl February 03, 2010
A girl who uses her looks to pull someone in, is also a pathological liar. Seems to be the perfect girl until you realize your pockets are empty, someone who is confused about everything. Is promiscuous and a excessive drinker, also can sometimes be a junkie or a pot head.
Whoa, watch out for that girl, she's a Chelcie." "I met this really nice girl, I just hope she's not a Chelcie.
by EyeOnU November 20, 2010

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