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Hot, sexy brunette that loves taking on challenges. She might seem like a shy girl with great hair and a nice booty but before you know it, you will fall in love with her. Before you can escape her feisty personality... She will break your heart.

She is a true friend that can change the way you think. You might even want to stay near to her.
Who is she?

--- "That's Cheila of course!!!

Omg!! She has like a goddess
--- No... That is the hair of a Cheila.
by Potatoe_Julio_panda May 11, 2016
a sexy blond who likes to sing and dance, and act. one who likes red heads.
gingers love cheila
by luckygirl77 October 12, 2011
a sexy brunette who likes to swim and dance, and act. one who likes big ass and tall guys.
Omg, she is a totally cheila girl !
by chanelsandassdamn May 20, 2015
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