a chunky, distasteful food item served by domino's pizza; can be found at six flags and tastes like shit; a weak imitation of real pizza; something that sucks dick because of horrendous taste
Benny: He man, want some food?
Chester: Yeah, I'm really famished.
Benny: Hey, I know...let's get some Cheesy Bread.
Chester: No, that stuff sucks dick.
by Gus Veggie May 09, 2009
Top Definition
is a camden nj word meaning heavy in the money department comes from the word bread whichs can mean money
man im out here getting this cheesy bread!!
by millz78 April 13, 2008
heavy in the money department.it comes from the bread
man im out here getting this cheesy bread
by jkp3000 April 12, 2008
another word for marijuana.
Jake: Hey Kelsey, do you want some cheesy bread?
Kelsey: Yea, I'm hungry. *wink*
by KelseyHeinz November 11, 2007
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