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The act of inserting the entirety of one's testicles into the anus of another human being or animal.
Brandon: Hey Chad! Let's give her the goofballs!

Chad: Yeah let's do that? What about the dog!?

Brandon: Yeah! He's next.

Chad: We're such classic goofballers.
by theshizz55 November 14, 2013
1. Poor hygiene of the sac and testicles, resulting in mysterious growth on your sac.

2. The act of inserting the entirety of ones testicles inside the yeast infected vagina of another. (May cause definition 1)
Chad: Did you go down on that chick last night?

Brandon: No, she had a yeast infection, so I grabbed her neck and gave her the cheeseballs.

Chad: Sounds fun!
by theshizz55 November 17, 2013
A greasy (bad shot, undeserved) goal in any type of hockey video game. In comparison to offering someone a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Which someone wouldn't expect to receive something that crappy, but does.
Sam: You took that slapshot from behind the blue line.

Brandon: It was a clean shot.

Sam: What a fucking pabst goal.
by theshizz55 January 14, 2013
The point reached where one is extremely intoxicated from consuming copious amounts of alcohol.
1- Did Ryan just pee on that door?
2- Yeah he did, so what?
1- He must've been pretty lathered up.
by theshizz55 January 11, 2013

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