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Someone who is self obsessed, believes to be better than everyone else, boasts about everything, sucks up to teachers and is just damn right cheesy.
Cheesebag: "Hi sir you're looking great today"

Cheesebag: "Oh yeah I got five A's"

"Oh my God that guy is such a cheesebag!"
by RoyceDa5'9" April 20, 2005
Term of gay males to describe women's boobs.
Used especially in cases in which the female is not aware that a conversation partner is gay and continually uses her sex characteristics as a means of communication.
...but even after we became "best friends" she couldn't get her cheesebags off me.

LOL did she just cheesebag you?

She kept on holding her cheesebags into my face.
by qCrisp November 26, 2009
A stanky cheesefilled sleepingbag used by wilderness professionals and outdoor enthusiasts.
Dude-guy! Your cheesebag is sicky gnar gnar brah!
by 2ne September 07, 2008
1. A bag which contains cheese
2. Or is it a bag MADE of cheese??
3. A derogatory term given to a familiar person making a stupid comment, or action.
4. An affectionate term for a silly friend!
I can't believe you've just said that, you're such a cheese bag!
by Pink Palace October 06, 2006
A bag in which intoxicated individuals carries cheeses on canal boating holidays.
What's that Ben? (What did you say?)

It's my Cheesebag.
by StagmanSmith July 06, 2011
Testicles, containing sperm, (ie. hot cheese.)
The doctor examined the patients cheese bags for any cancerous lumps.
by LouisB November 08, 2009
Box wine that has been taken out of the box. Once the bag is removed from the box it ceases to be box wine and becomes cheesebag. Excellent for smuggling in a big purse and taken where alcohol is expensive or otherwise taboo.
We drank the whole cheesebag last night!
by FirstCommunionAfterparty October 26, 2009
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