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when one takes a slice of plastic cheese, wet it a little (optional) and slap it on someone/somethings face, preferably on someone sleeping, or an animal.
Guy 1: *sleeping*
Guy 2: haha *throws cheese on face*
Guy 1: *wakes up, startled*
Guy 2: owned by a cheese slap.
by Pierce245 December 04, 2008
got slapped with cheese
Marina is talking some serious shit then Jakov comes and slap her with cheese and shout.... CHEESE SLAP
by MM_by_JA August 18, 2014
To slap someone with a slice of cheese. First performed by CP Dunbar in the summer of 2006.When cleaning the kitchen Benjamin Bowen was walking by CP and was stunned by a cheese-slap.

Since that time I have watched cheese-slap become a social epidemic where you can find out more about your friends by gauging their reaction. Currently used as a type of social interaction to see if someone is mellow. Best when used on new girlfriends.

Recipe for cheese-slap: 1 slice of cheese, someone in need of a cheese-slap, your hand
*CP slaps Ben with cheese*
Ben: "WTF? Did you just cheese-slap me?"
*CP laughs hysterically*
by Chris&CP September 12, 2011
A general word for any insult.
The weather man's a cheeseslap. cheeseslap you! You're full of cheeseslap. My car is a cheeseslap.
by Dr. Susskind September 05, 2003
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