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A Croatian name..very handsome man are called Jakov.
It stands for gentleman,artist,kindhearted,brave,handsome,loveable,sexy person.
Who will give you and help you with everything you need because he is a good person.
Long live Jakov's!!!
Who is that handsome lad?

''Oh,that's Jakov''
by mexico47 October 24, 2013
Jakov's are usually stoned, Croatian, and have man buns. Extremely tall and terrifying. They are probably not sexy.
He looks baked. He must be a Jakov!
He must have done at least 3 bowls today. He's a Jakov!
by FantisizingAboutYourManBun March 27, 2015
inconspicious way of sayin jackoff
u jackov
oo jackov is a russian word
by DAVE TOO! OMG! October 14, 2003

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