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An uncircumcized penis in which there is a gooey, smelly substance accumulated beneath the foreskin.
Dan has a cheese cock.

Bill is a cheese cock.
by Andrew M Fitzpatrick July 03, 2007
The condition of having copious amounts of "cheese" build-up on or around your penis which causes a distinctly rotten cheese-like odor. This condition usually affects the uncircumcised and the mentally challenged who feel that regular bathing isn't a necessity in life.
Ex. 1) Dude! Did you smell Richard today? That motherfucker's cheesecock is gonna make me puke!

Ex. 2) "I love not showering man...I take the cheese build up and rub it between my fingers, roll it into little balls, sniff it...sometimes I even eat it. I really don't think cheesecock is a bad thing."
by Master Cheese January 22, 2008
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